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Book Intercity drivers from Jaipur to any Location.
06 Aug, 2020

Are you going to Haridwar for some pilgrimage? Or you just need a business trip or leisure in Delhi? You have your cars but do not want to take a risk to drive so long? Then we have a solution for your problems. You can travel outside Jaipur anywhere in your own comfort, in your own car but with a well-trained and trusted driver. You just need to book a driver from Drivers24 app, and driver will reach at your doorstep in maximum one hour of the booking.


Mainly, there might be a question in your mind to know complete about the out station drivers from Drivers24. Here is the answer:-

Drivers who drive intercity are well trained for the long journeys. They will be driving your car, as if you have your own chauffeur. They will treat your car nicely and drive it smoothly in your comfort. They will easily go through and follow your instructions.


Also, you may book out station drivers for single way. Isn’t it Great! Sometimes situation arise that we need to go outstation and be there for long, then you may book drivers at Drivers24 for a single way also.


How you can calculate the tariff of the driver?

For example, you are going to Delhi from Jaipur (single way), which is almost 4-6 hours’ drive. Let’s assume it to be 6 hours. Then your fare will be for first 4 hours is Rs 700, and for fifth and sixth hour additional Rs 100 will be added, which makes your total upto- Rs 700+ Rs 100 + Rs 100 = Rs 900.


Also, If you want to return back – let’s assume total journey took 12 hours. Then the fare will be- Rs 350 for first 4 hours, then for next 4 hours (upto total of 8 hours) Rs 50 additional to be charged extra, and then beyond 8 hours Rs 30 to be charged extra. It means total fare for 12 hours will be- Rs 350 (for first 4 hours) + Rs 50 +Rs 50 +Rs 50+Rs 50+Rs 30+Rs 30+Rs 30 + RS 30 = Rs 670.


Important things to remember:-

  1. No conveyance charge.
  2. No night charge
  3. If you are a gentle customer, you may provide food and accommodation to our driver.
  4. If you are not able to provide food and accommodation, then please do provide Rs 100 per meal twice and Rs 200 for accommodation.
  5. Also, Full hour charges will be applied after 5 minutes exceeded of the next hour.